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Whether you are a large or a small practice, we can help you thrive in the administrative side of dentistry.

Running a successful dental practice on your own can be challenging. As a dentist, you are extremely busy trying to help patients, and as a business owner, you are trying to make everything run smoothly - It's exhausting!

Luckily for you, Jossie Gomez has created Consulting For Dentistry. A dental consulting management firm that specializes in meeting your practice's individual needs to help you maximize your full potential.

In our expert consultant, you have a partner you can count on to guide you through the business side of dentistry and provide you with the tools necessary to reach success!

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Meet Josie Gomez

Precise Healthcare Staffing CEO and professional business consultant.

Our CEO, Jossie Gomez, has made a career of her life-long dedication to the healthcare industry. After all, her passion for dentistry is what inspired her to start her companies: Precise Staffing and Consulting for Dentistry.

Jossie's 31 years of professional experience in the dental field have made her a natural at understanding office management and dental offices' inner workings.

She combines this knowledge with her outstanding expertise to help bridge the gap between business owners and their staff members to become a real team capable of growing and prospering together.

Learn more about Josie

At the tender age of 17, Jossie started her dental career as a dental assistant in New York, earning minimum wage.

She decided to become a sponge, learn everything she could, and use that knowledge to make her way up in the dental field. After working in all the dental support positions possible, she made her way up to management.

Eventually, Jossie decided to expand her career reach and help more practices establish successful and systems-based practices. She believes that staffing and practice management consulting go hand in hand. After all, you can not have a successful practice without a successful team!

For her, staffing and consulting are more than a job. They are a unique form of art.

Experience You Can Trust
Discover why Jossie’s “no excuses” approach to practice management is a game changer.
Dentist speaking with a smiling patient
Personal Touch
Jossie not only gets the business side of dentistry, she understands the industry is all about developing relationships. Therefore, she works closely with your team and provides honest guidance and support.
Dentist showing a teeth xray to a patient
Industry Veteran
With her 31 years of experience, Jossie Gomez has held every position in the dental field (support staff), so she truly understands what it takes to get every job done.
Dentist working on a patient with the mouth open
Hands-On Approach
Jossie doesn't just tell you what to do; she shows you. Every day, she works alongside you to develop customized systems and guide you through implementing them as part of your team.
A woman dentist looking at a tablet.
Self-Made Business Owner
From hectic schedules to messy finances and unorganized teams, Jossie has experienced it all, so you don't have to! Her unique insight allows her to create custom solutions to guide your office to succeed while helping your office culture thrive.
  • I was skeptical to use a staffing agency, I did not know if I was just going to be a number for the company. But they definitely value me and I was not just a number
    -Joanna Tejada
Our Services
Build your strategy, build your confidence, build your business.
Practice Management Program

Take back control of your dental practice.

In this program, you and Jossie will create a customized dental office management program tailored to your office's needs.

Jossie will consider your unique needs and goals and pair them with industry practices proven to be successful. The result will be a program that will give you the tools to help your business succeed!

Our five step program

1. Discovery

"The power lies in being able to face the truth."

2. Training

"You must lead the way."

3. Execution

"Execution is the key to any plan."

4. Accountability

"Why put up with incompetence."

5. Reinforcement

"We must follow through with the plan and revise it as it develops."

New Dentist Program

Providing you the building blocks to success.

More often than not, the most outstanding dentists in the world turn out to be the worst administrators. Why? Because when you attend dental school, no one teaches you how to handle the field's administrative side.

As a dental practice, you need to track competitive dynamics, regulatory changes, and technological advances to compete and thrive in today's dental world. Our consultants draw upon years of direct, front-line experience as well as deep industry knowledge to ensure your growth!

How can we help you?
  • We do so by teaching, developing, and implementing policies catered to your current needs and future goals.
  • We help you face your truth, become aware of how your office is really functioning, and find the ideal management solutions.
You don't want to be a one-hit-wonder with incredible clinical success but plagued with administrative woes. We can help you get these two key elements in sync so your dental practice can achieve true success.
Practice Management Made Easy
Are you ready to make the necessary changes to put your practice in the path of success?

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